Mid-Shore Pro Bono
Phone Number (410) 690-8128
Address 8 S. West Street, Easton, MD 21601
Hours Monday - Friday: 9:30am to 3pm
Website www.midshoreprobono.org
Description Mid-Shore Pro Bono provides legal assistance to individuals throughout the Eastern Shore. If you have a legal problem that involves any of the following matters listed below, we can help you find legal assistance.

- Bankruptcy
- Consumer Debt/Debt Buyer
- Foreclosure
- Small Claims
- Child Custody and/or Visitation
- Legal Separation
- Guardianship
- Divorce
- Elderly Family Member(s)
- Advanced Medical Directives
- Wills or Probate
- Landlord-Tenant Dispute
- Power of Attorney
- Tort Defense
- Limited Immigration Legal Services

Mid-Shore Pro Bono Inc., does NOT handle criminal cases, traffic cases, Protective Orders/Peace Orders or appeals.

Family Law Project provides legal assistance for divorce, custody, child support and other family law related matters. This project has the highest volume of requests among our programs. The need for child custody assistance has increased by over 80% just in the last year due to the opioid crisis --we prioritize providing services for these impacted families.

Elder Law Project provides elderly clients with personal, confidential legal advice through free legal clinics. Clients can obtain wills, powers of attorney and advance medical directives free of charge. MSPB recently launched a new initiative to provide legal guidance for caregivers seeking to obtain guardianship of elderly or disabled adults in response to increased requests for this assistance.

Consumer Debt and Housing Project assists people struggling with foreclosure, consumer debt, bankruptcy, employment/record expungements, housing and other matters preventing them from achieving economic stability. In November 2019, MSPB will launch a financial and legal literacy outreach campaign featuring a series of workshops aimed at educating clients about household budgeting, renting and buying a home, expungement and navigating unemployment.

Restorative Justice Project offers several Alternate Dispute Resolution options for youth and adults facing complex legal issues, crime and conflict. We make Community Conferencing available for incident-based referrals and utilize Restorative Dialogue Circles as a proactive tool for engaging youth in safe open discussions. Our goal is to provide options for keeping our region’s youth out of the juvenile justice system.

Immigrant Assistance Project provides secure, safe legal assistance and counseling to immigrants living and working in our community. The Eastern Shore is home to an increasing number of immigrants due to the high demand for farmworkers and other laborers. MSPB has seen the demand for services in this project triple over the last year. MSPB is accredited by the Department of Justice to provide limited immigration legal services and works with a small panel of volunteer attorneys to provide legal guidance for immigration, asylum, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, and deportation defense. MSPB is currently expanding its services to include standby guardianships for children of immigrants in danger of being detained or deported.
Email info@midshoreprobono.org
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