Talbot County Local Care Team (LCT)

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The Talbot County Local Care Team’s (LCT) primary goal is to connect children and families in Talbot County with the services and resources they need to reach their potential and live successfully in our community.  Our LCT is comprised of experienced professionals that understand the ins and outs of the maze of programs and systems at the local and state level and are ready to help you figure out why your child is struggling to meet their goals.

If you are dealing with any of the following we might be able to help –

  • Your child or family is involved with multiple agencies and you feel like you’re getting nowhere
  • You think your child needs more services but you’re not sure where to turn
  • You know what you need but you can’t seem to locate the service locally
  • You feel overwhelmed and need a guide through the maze of reports and recommendations
  • You’re concerned about your child’s behaviors but don’t know where to turn for help

What can the LCT do to help –

  • Listen to your concerns and needs
  • Help you understand any assessments, reports or documents that maybe confusing
  • Gather appropriate professionals in one room to help problem solve and create a plan
  • Know what resources are available and if you qualify
  • Connect you to a care manager that will provide you with on-going assistance
  • Learn from you to help make the system better

These Partner Organizations make up the LCT –

For more information contact Jan Willis, LCSW-C the coordinator for the Talbot LCT.  You can email Jan at talbotlct@talbotfamilynetwork.org or call/text her at 443-366-2511.  Or if you are already working with one of the agencies listed above ask them if they think a LCT referral is the way to go.

Click here to access the LCT Referral Form:

LCT Referral Form –  English

LCT Referral Form – Spanish

Great news! You can now fill out the required forms online!

To fill out the referral form, click here:

Online LCT Referral Form

Talbot’s Local Care Team is required to obtain a signature for our records. Click on the link below to fill out the electronic consent form:

Online LCT Consent Form

Need Help?

Need Help?

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