Kidz Learning Through Play Family Daycare, LLC
Phone Number (410) 819-0249
Address 603 Dutchmans Ln, Easton, MD 21601
Hours Weekdays 7am to 5pm; Closed Weekends
Description Kidz Learning Through Play Family Daycare, LLC believes that our program and services offer developmentally appropriate curriculum and strive to enhance social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth in young children. The children in the program are able to use developmentally appropriate materials which are accessible within containers of their reach. These developmentally appropriate materials reflect the children’s interest and support children of all abilities. Our program fosters curiosity, creativity and self-esteem by taking into account children’s abilities and interests. Child initiated and provider supported play is an essential component of our program. Therefore, our program supports the following philosophy about children and their growth:
Each child individually learns in different ways, at a different pace, by different approaches and at different ages of maturation.

A positive self-concept develops in children who can fulfill their goals, accomplish takes on their own, and cooperate with others and receive positive feelings from others.

Self-disciplined children can direct their efforts towards fulfillment of their goals. Children learn self-discipline through understanding, commitment, and reinforcement.

Self-reliance is achieved by allowing children to do as many things for themselves as they are capable of, but keeping in mind new skills.
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Contact: Tonette Gibson
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