Rain, Rain Go Away! Activities to Keep Kids Entertained Indoors

3 min read | Posted on December 16, 2020

When it’s too cold or rainy for your kids to play outside, you may feel a little more stressed. After all, what are they supposed to do with all of that excess energy? And how can you focus on your own responsibilities when they’re stuck indoors and bored?

Well, you can find plenty of fun, educational, and engaging activities via Healthy Talbot’s parenting and development resource page. But these rainy day ideas can also help:

Have Them Play School

Little kids will get a kick out of this one, but older kids may enjoy these activities as well. You can find tons of age-appropriate educational resources that you can print out or have your kids complete online. From stories to coloring pages to interactive games, there’s something for every child and every grade level.

Since many of these activities are online, you may need to pick up an updated tablet for your children. Some of the best-rated tablets for children include the Apple iPad and the Amazon Fire tablets. Amazon even has a Fire tablet made specifically for kids with a bumper case and lower price tag. There’s also an HD version that comes with a larger screen.

Plan a Fun Movie Day

Your kids may still get bored if they’re staring at a small screen all day. This is why you need alternative plans up your sleeve. One such plan is to buy a portable projector, so you can bring the theater experience right into your living room. You can read reviews and product features to find the right one for your family.

Once you have a projector set up, you can stream your kids’ favorite movies. New movies hit streaming services each month, so this is one activity you can enjoy, no matter the season. You should also prepare a few simple and tasty snacks to complete the theater experience.

Set Up a Family Art Studio

Games and movies are surefire ways to keep your kids occupied and entertained. But sometimes, you may prefer that they flex their creative muscles. That’s why it’s such a smart and fun idea to set up a little art studio inside your home. Now, you may need to declutter your home first, but once you do, you can use inexpensive shelves to keep your kids’ art supplies organized. To make cleanup simple, also pick up vinyl tablecloths and plastic bins for projects.

No room for an art space? You can then try one of these minimal mess art projects instead. Your kids will enjoy hours of fun creating their own DIY mobiles, flowers, and faces. As an added bonus, most of these projects use items you likely already have in your home, which makes them perfect for those rainy days when you need ideas in a hurry.

Design an Indoor Obstacle Course

 At some point, you may also need your kids to flex their actual muscles. After all, one of the benefits of playing outside is that they use up that endless energy. When the backyard is simply not an option, you can get your kids moving with a challenging indoor obstacle course. Look for items around your home you can use and then set up obstacles at varying heights so that your kids will have to jump, run, crawl, and balance. Throw in a puzzle to work their brains.

If you don’t have the time to throw together an obstacle course, you can also find online PE and exercise classes for your kids. They’re fun ways for the whole family to stay fit!

Don’t let a little bit of rain, wind, or snow spoil your day. Instead, be prepared for inclement weather with plans to keep your kids busy indoors. From educational activities to more active fun, there are plenty of ideas you can use, no matter what the forecast brings.

For more parenting resources like this, and the latest in home, health, education, and racial equity news, stay connected with Healthy Talbot.

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Article courtesy of: Carrie Spencer, thespenceradventures.net

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