Getting to Know: Dr. Fredia Wadley, Talbot County Health Department

3 min read | Posted on December 26, 2017

In this Healthy Talbot interview for “Getting to Know Your Talbot County Leaders”, Dr. Fredia Wadley, Talbot County’s Health Officer, talks painting, poison ivy, and preschool programs.  Check it out:

About the Talbot County Health Department:  The TCHD’s mission is to protect and promote the health of all residents of the county. We are a county and state organization in that the county provides the facility and about 1/3 of the budget while the state/federal dollars and generated revenue covers the remainder. Our services vary from control of infectious diseases to in home visits by nurses, care coordination for vulnerable populations, emergency preparedness and environmental permits.

# of Employees: Around 100 both full time and part time

Length of time in position: 2 years

Schooling: Tennessee for high school, college, and advanced degrees

Pets: Yes, one cat and one husky that are separated by a gate in the hall.

Inspiration: Stories of how people have overcome adversity in early life with the help of someone that showed they cared.

Childhood Dream Job: Doctor

Fun Fact no one knows:  I paint – not very well – and usually copy well known painters like Peter Max, Leroy Neiman, and others but never old masters.

Favorite Hobby: The art of a glue gun, glitter and acrylic paints for tacky crafts.

Favorite movie:  The original “Affair to Remember”

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you:  I could travel almost anywhere and have not made time to do so. That tells me that I am probably not a born traveler.

Fears: Poison ivy – I have a horrible reaction to this plant

What’s on your wish list this year and/or what was the worst gift you’ve ever received?  My wish this year is to spend Christmas with my daughter in Easton and not away from home. The worse gift was perfume from my husband that his mother used. It made me gag to smell it.

What do you hope your agency accomplishes over the next 5 years?  We have the best care coordination services of any health department for low income vulnerable individuals that need help getting clinical and social services to be healthy and safe in their homes.

What do you love about Talbot County? I love the many entertainment events and opportunities that are rarely found in communities this size.

What is the one thing your agency needs the most to succeed in its mission?  We operate under the state system for personnel and budget and the processes over the years have become so cumbersome and slow that it is impossible to manage resources efficiently and effectively.

What do you think Talbot County needs most?  Enhanced infrastructure and prepared workforce for economic growth

Following this interview, you step outside and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do with the money?  If I take it as a lump sum and then pay taxes, I will probably have only $4 or $5 million left. $1 million to my retirement; $1 million for daughter’s retirement; $3 million for preschool programs to decrease and ameliorate Adverse Childhood Events that increases the likelihood of mental health and addiction problems as well as school failure, unemployment and incarceration.  (NICE!)

For more information on the Talbot County Health Department, please visit:

Thank you Fredia for taking the time to interview with Healthy Talbot!

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