Get Inspired During Your Mid-Life Crisis and Transform Yourself

4 min read | Posted on September 2, 2022

In most parts of the world, adults have a common experience of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with their lives when they reach middle age. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, this unhappiness peaks at around age 47. If you are feeling the effects of a mid-life crisis, here are ways you can inspire yourself.

Find New, Rewarding Hobbies

If you feel unfulfilled in your life, consider picking up a new hobby. Make time in your busy routine to devote to learning a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Consider signing up for a class or joining a social club devoted to the hobby.

Be Your Own Boss

Working for yourself is another way to take control of a mid-life crisis. Many use a transitional period in mid-life as an opportunity to start their own business. When you start a business, you have to decide which structure is optimal, determine how much funding you need, and come up with financial projections and a marketing strategy.

It’s crucial that you develop a process for invoicing to ensure prompt payment. Give customers different payment options and don’t procrastinate on sending out invoices. You can use an invoice maker to create branded invoices. After choosing a template, add your logo, slogan, and billing information.

Find a New Place

You may be considering a search for a new home. If you’re going to buy a new place it’s important to keep in mind the steps required for a smooth transition. If you purchase your new home before selling your old one, you may experience some temporarily strained finances. On the other hand, if you wait to purchase a new home until after you sell your old one, you’ll have to sort out a temporary living arrangement.

When furnishing your new home, be sure to read reviews of the home products you intend to purchase. You want to ensure that your purchases are high quality, and reading customer reviews and testimonials online is a great way to do that.

Pursue Your Dream Career

A career change may also be wise. You may need to go back to school and get a degree. The best options are online programs, which you can pursue while working full-time and having a family. Employed career changers could pursue studies in subjects like teaching, ranging from elementary education to special needs education. Check out each online school’s accreditation status and tuition rates before applying.

Connect With Nature

Spending more time outdoors may also give you more inspiration during a mid-life crisis.  It could also benefit your health, giving you more energy, better sleep, or improved motivation. Start exploring parklands and other natural areas to get away from work, stress, and too much screentime.

Volunteer for Meaningful Causes

Volunteering for a good cause can also help improve your mood or satisfaction in your life. Look for organizations in your town or city that support causes you believe in. Connect with each organization to see how you can contribute your time.

Get Back in Touch With Old Friends

If you feel lonely and disconnected, try getting back in touch with old friends. If you’ve lost touch with high school friends, use a search engine to find them. Search for the person’s name, school, and graduation year to get some matches and potential contact information to reach out.

Express Yourself

Art may also provide some mental health benefits to people going through a mid-life crisis. Expressing yourself through art may be a great way for you to feel calmer and more satisfied. Sign up for an art class, such as ceramics, watercolors or drawing to explore your creative side.

Be Thankful

Lastly, take time in your day to be thankful for what you do have in your life. A mid-life crisis may be a stressful time, but if you set aside time to express gratitude, you can get through it and feel more positive.

A mid-life crisis doesn’t have to be a negative experience. You can turn this transition in life into something positive and inspiring.

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Submitted by: Janet Campbell,

Image Source: Pexels

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