10 Ways to Influence Positive Change in Your Community and Beyond

2 min read | Posted on September 10, 2022

Many people don’t realize just how much power they have to affect change in the world around them. With motivation from Healthy Talbot, you can see just how capable you are of creating the change you hope to see. If you’re feeling down about conditions in your community or the world as a whole, these tips will help you carve a path forward.

Helping Your Town

You can make the biggest impact by working with the people who are closest to you. Here are a few ways to pitch in with charitable efforts in your town.

  • Get your own family prepared for natural disasters, and help your neighbors prep their own homes, too.
  • Are you frustrated by the litter in your neighborhood? Get your friends and relatives together for a town clean-up.
  • Help immigrants settle down in your community by providing translation services for Korean.

Make a Global Impact

Your influence doesn’t have to stop at the boundaries of your own community. You can go above and beyond to support others across the globe.

Create Your Own Nonprofit

What if you haven’t found an organization in your area that is tackling the issue you’re most concerned about? There’s nothing stopping you from starting your own!

Volunteering, launching a nonprofit, and simply lending a hand to your neighbors are all great ways to be a dependable citizen of the world. Even when times are hard, you can take small steps to make the world a better place. By following these tips, you’ll feel fulfilled and encouraged.

Submitted by: Marissa Perez, Businesspop.net.   Photo via Pexels

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