Exploring the outdoors with your young one is the number one way to help them form a lifelong bond with nature. Come on an adventure of reading and the outdoors. Storytime, followed by a tot-sized walk will open eyes to the wonderful world of nature, while sharpening your skills to be their guide and teacher. Appropriate for children ages 2-5. Call 410-822-4903 to register.

The Museum will be having a Family Ornament Day on Saturday, December 12 from 10:00-1:00.  Admission is free, but signing up ahead of time is very helpful for us.


Family Art Days are designed for children ages 6 and up with their parents, guardians or mentors.


According to  the Child Development Institute, “Families can create a harmonious balance in their children’s lives when they make provisions for the arts.” The site goes on to offer lots of ways that parents can incorporate art in their families’ lives and closes by advising, “The most important ingredient in the recipe is your interest. Be there to appreciate and encourage during every step of the creative process.” What better way to spend quality time with your child than to come to the Academy Art Museum and work together on a project? The Family That Makes Art Together Gets SmART Together!


Sign up online: https://46197a.blackbaudhosting.com/46197a/Travel-the-World-at-the-Academy-Art-Museum-15Oct2016

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Need Help?

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