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The Arthritis-Mental Health Connection

Learn about the proven ways to help improve mental health and ease arthritis symptoms if you or someone you know has arthritis and is feeling down or worried.

How Mental Health Awareness Can Facilitate Spiritual Growth

It is crucial for people who are looking to grow spiritually to keep their mental health at an optimal level. Here is how mental health can facilitate spiritual growth.

The ABC’s of Asperger’s Syndrome

One woman and her grandson use the alphabet to explain personal perspectives on this mild form of autism.

5 tips to help manage your back-to-school mental health

If you're headed back to school, chances are you've already made at least one checklist. Schedule? Check. Supplies? Check. But there's something likely missing from your list, and it might be the most important thing you take care of all year: addressing your mental health and wellbeing.

How to Talk to Kids About Depression & Suicide

In the wake of recent, heartbreaking celebrity suicide news, parents may want to address mental health, depression, and suicide with children. Here's how experts suggest doing that most effectively.

13 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Whether you want to alleviate stress, sharpen your brain, or boost overall happiness, here's how moving your body can help.

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