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Here you will find a variety of educational information on topics that aim to help improve your family's quality of life. Click on the articles below to read more, or search for a specific topic using the bar at the top of the page.

Children’s Books You’ll ALL Enjoy Reading Over and Over

It’s pretty exciting when you crack the spine of a new book and read it for the first time with your child. Of course, that excitement might wear off a bit by the tenth read-through, and when you’ve read it what feels like approximately 12,000 times, you might find yourself tempted to hide the book.

A Kid Friendly Game Day Menu

Watching football will be more fun with this game-day feast that your kids can help make. Touchdown!

11 Podcasts Your Kids Should Be Listening To

Take a break from screens and perk up your kids' ears with these entertaining (and shhhh.... educational!) podcasts for young listeners.

Parents Trying to Limit Kids’ Screen Time Should Start With Their Own

The majority of parents spend more than nine hours a day looking at a screen (and that's not counting work hours!)—are you one of them?

Managing Screen Time

The average household has more than 10 “screens” – TVs, computers, iPads and smartphones – in the home. These devices have many educational benefits. Learn how to make the most of Screen Time!

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